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EVERYBODY'S A CRITIC: HBO's 'Girls' is Evaluated by Girls -- And a Mom

Dick Clark Dies at 82, Leaves Behind a High-Scoring TV Legacy

Great News About Two TV Greats: David Attenborough and Ernie Kovacs

EVERYBODY'S A CRITIC: A Theatrical Lighting Designer Sheds Light on NBC's 'Smash'

SPECIAL FEATURE: A Look at HBO's 'Girls,' By and With Those Who Get the Demo

Girls, Girls, Girls: We've Got HBO's New Comedy Series Covered -- Thrice

Five Things I Loved About the Season Finale of FX's 'Justified'

Mike Wallace: Dead at 93, But Not Soon Forgotten -- Or Equalled

'Magic City': It Looks Great, But Isn't

'Homeland,' 'Thrones,' 'Parks & Recreation,' 'Portlandia' Among Those Winning Peabody Awards

Couric vs. Palin Morning Show Duel: Ready, Aim, Fireworks!

Which of Monday's 'American Masters' Documentaries Is Better? I Say: 'Boo!'

Tonight's TV Worth Watching? Here Are My Best Bets -- No Fooling

'The Killing,' 'Game of Thrones' Are Up to Their Old Tricks

'Mad Men' in England: One if by Land, Two if by Sky, and Why to Be 'Mad as Hell' at Rupert Murdoch

His Kingdom for a Horse: A Former Student of David Milch's Takes the Long View of Milch's 'Luck,' and Life

I Love AMC's 'Mad Men,' But Can't Tell You Why

'Frozen Planet' Is Really Cool TV - But Looks Better Than It Sounds

Calling All Readers! Let Your Day Job Be a Ticket to a TVWW Guest Column

HBO Sarah Palin Docudrama, 'Game Change,' Is Fair and Balanced

Boldly Go to NPR's 'Fresh Air' Today, And Hear My Interview with William Shatner

Ten Years On, HBO's 'Real Time with Bill Maher' Is Real Good

Hey, Hey, It's The Monkees -- My Memories of Davy Jones And Company

PBS 'American Experience: The Amish' Is a Wonderful Documentary, Pure and Simple

2012 Oscars: An Illustrated, Annotated Tour, from Billy Crystal to... Chewbacca?

Got a Minute? Help Us Choose Some New TVWW Slogans

'Ocean Giants' PBS 'Nature' Special Is One Whale of a Show

NBC's 'Smash' Star on Broadway In Marilyn Monroe Role: Life Imitates Art Imitates Life Imitates... Where Was I?

HBO's 'Life's Too Short': Once Again, Ricky Gervais Explores Unease as an Art Form

Ken Burns Visits Barack Obama, Then Me -- But Only One of Us Fed Him Hoagies

More than 25 Years Later, Still the Best That TV Has to Offer

New DVD Releases of Old TV Shows Featuring Mel Brooks and David Steinberg Are a Riot -- And Still Seem Capable of Inspiring One

PBS 'Nature' Show Reminds Me of My Own Rocky 'Raccoon' History

'Downton Abbey' Season 2 -- See It End on DVD Before It Ends on PBS!

NBC's 'Smash': A Musical Treat, A Dramatic Triumph... And a Gift

Super Bowl Musical Mania: Madonna at Halftime, 'The Voice' Afterward, 'Smash' The Next Day

Today on NPR's 'Fresh Air,' I'll Be a 'Smash' -- Interviewing Producers Behind That New NBC Series

Once On 'X Factor,' Paula Abdul Is Now an Ex-'Factor'

I'm Braying for Assistance: Help Me Rename This TV Donkey

Good 'Luck': HBO Brings David Milch, and Other Thoroughbreds, to a New TV Series

It's Worth Eavesdropping on David Steinberg's 'Inside Comedy' Conversations

Reach Out and 'Touch' Kiefer Sutherland's New Fox TV Series

'Nova' Investigates a Fascinating Mystery -- And the Prime Suspect Is Framed!

Phil Ochs Documentary Kicks Off Second Quarter-Century for Superb PBS 'American Masters' Series

Karl Pilkington Talks to TVWW about 'An Idiot Abroad 2: The Bucket List'

Mmm, Doughnuts! ... And Other Menu Items on My Can't-Miss 'TV Dinners' Restaurant

FX's 'Justified' Justifies Its Place on Annual Top 10 TV Lists... Including Mine

Even on a Holiday, the TVWW Gang is Hard at Work

Bill Moyers Resurfaces -- First with Stephen Colbert, Then On His Own New Series

Are You There, Bad TV? It's Me, 'Chelsea' -- And 'Rob,' Too

'CBS This Morning' Takes First Steps, Doesn't Stumble... And Heads in the Right Direction

Park in Front of the TV and Gorge -- On 'House of Lies' and Other Great Offerings

The Iowa Caucus Votes Are In -- Which Leads, Somehow, to Pat Paulsen, Mason Williams, and Dick Smothers

China Cracks Down on Reality TV -- And May Be On to Something

'Oprah's Next Chapter' Rewrites Her Playbook, and Ends Up a Winner

My 2012 TVWW New Year's Resolution: Search for Tomorrow... And It'll Be There

For TV, It Was a Very Good Year: My Top 10, and 20, And More, of 2011

What a Way to End the Year, At 'Fresh Air'

'American Horror Story' Characters Die So That It May Live -- Anew

My In-Person Encounters with 2011's Kennedy Center Honorees -- 60 Percent of Them, Anyway

So What Did I Find Under My Tree This Christmas? The Same Damned Cat...

Yule Like This, Three: Very Early Christmas Treats by Darlene Love -- and The Smothers Brothers

Yule Like This, Too: David Letterman's Almost Annual Holiday Show

Yule Like This: Holiday TV, Holiday Radio, and a Christmas Love Story

My Two Top 10 Lists for 2011 -- One for All of TV, the Other for New Cable Shows Only

Terry Gross and I Talk TV Today on NPR's 'Fresh Air'

Dick Smothers Wants to Compete on ABC's 'Dancing with the Stars' -- And I Think It's a Great Idea

Books for Your Friends, Written by Mine

Good Grief! 'Charlie Brown Christmas' Almost Missed Its Chance to Become a TV Tradition

'Fear Factor': Call Out the Instigators, Because There's Something In the Air

One Christmas Rerun Worth Repeating: Get 'The Point'?

Today on NPR's 'Fresh Air': My Killer Interview with 'Dexter' Star Michael C. Hall

The Word Is Out: George Clooney Has Optioned My Smothers Brothers Book

A 'M*A*S*H' Note to Harry Morgan: 'Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen'

TVWW Recommends: More Holiday Gift Suggestions, Just in Time

'Charlie Brown Christmas': TV's Best Holiday Special Mistreated Again

Taking TV's Midseason Temperature: Some Shows Are Serving up Stunners

Stephen Sondheim's Brilliant, Unrealized Idea for a TV Special

Cyber Monday Special: Exclusive Advance Access to Holiday DVD Sales

Giving Thanks This TV Season: I May As Well Spell It Out

Act Now for Big DVD Savings -- No, Really, Act NOW!

Woody Allen PBS Documentary Is No Dead Shark: It Keeps Moving -- And It's Fascinating

In 'X Factor,' X Marks the Spot... For X-cruciating

Today on NPR's 'Fresh Air': Regis and I Spend an Hour Talking about Old TV Times

Prepping for Regis... And There's a Lot of TV History to Cover

NBC's 'Grimm' Promotion: We're #1 -- Sort Of...

Who You Gonna Call as New Oscars Host? My Vote: Billy Crystal!

'Good Wife,' Bad Time Slot

Happy Birthday To Us! TV WORTH WATCHING Is Four Years Old!

'Hell,' No! AMC's 'Hell on Wheels' Breaks Its Smart Series Streak

Between a 'Rock Center' And a Hard Place: NBC Newsmagazine's Premiere Ratings

'Rock Center' Impresses in First Outing -- But on NBC, Is Quality Enough?

What Did YOU Watch, Or Record, Sunday Night?

TOM YELLIN: The TV Worth Watching Interview

'America in Primetime': Finally, a TV Show about TV Gets It Right!

China Sees Too Much Tacky Reality TV, Decides to Dim Some

'Secondhand TV' Bad for Kids? So Is Firsthand Exposure to Stupid TV Studies

'Once Upon a Time,' ABC Had a Charming Idea for a New TV Series

Who's the 'Boss'? Kelsey Grammer -- And On His New Show, He's the One to Watch

Eye Remember, Mama: CBS Logo Turns 60 Years Old

It's a Zombie Jamboree at AMC, with 'Walking Dead' Registering Monster Ratings Numbers

Harry Belafonte Bio Another HBO Treat -- and Triumph

'Walking Dead' Or Alive? Season 2 Returns Strongly, Even with Backstage Changes

Kickoff Curse Lives -- And, Across the Board, Bad New Shows Die!

'Breaking Bad' and 'Dexter' -- Different Shows, Same Ultimate Ending?

'Parks and Recreation': Thanks for the Nice TV Surprise

FX's 'American Horror Story': It's Creepy and It's Kooky, Mysterious and Spooky, It's Altogether Ooky

Scorsese's HBO George Harrison Biography is Lyrical, Musical, and Beautiful

KEN BURNS & LYNN NOVICK: The TVWW Interview (Plus, a Review of 'Prohibition')

Showtime's 'Homeland' One of Year's Best -- And Most Unsettling -- New Dramas

2011 Fall TV Doldrums Almost Over -- After a Few More Not-So-Great Days Ahead

Fifty Years Ago Sunday, NBC Unveiled Two 'Wonderful' Shows -- One With a Mouse, One with a Moose

On TV, Meet the New Boss -- Different Than the Old Boss

Four New Series Premiere Tonight, But the Returnees Are Better

Your Mission, Jim, Should You Decide to Accept It...

Both Kutcher and Sheen Show Up on TV Monday, But Get Upstaged by Star Cameos... And a Still Photo

Emmy Telecast Begins and Ends as 'Modern Family' Awards Show

Just As New Shows Arrive, Old Ones Conclude Their Seasons -- And Quite Nicely, Too

For a Real Challenge, CW's 'H8R' Should Send Itself To TV Critics

TV WORTH WATCHING 2011 Fall TV Preview Is Here!

On 9/11, What to Watch to Observe -- or Avoid -- TV's 10th Anniversary Coverage

MEL BROOKS: The TV Worth Watching Interview

FX 'Rescue Me' Finale Does Itself, And Its Subject, Proud

STUDENT BLOG #9: Another Stab at Explaining and Exploring Anime

STUDENT BLOG #8: 'Airheads,' A Cure for 'Steve Buscemi Amnesia'

High Steaks Radio: My Rib-Eye Discussion with Mark Bittman Replays on 'Fresh Air'

Linda Ellerbee Explains 9/11 to Young Viewers -- And Keeps It Brilliantly Simple

9/11 Anniversary TV Specials Have Me Looking, and Listening, Back

Goodnight, Irene... Hello, Gaga?

Staring Hurricanes Right in the Eye -- and Living to Tell the Tale (If You Call This Living)

Bill Moyers Returns to TV -- A Welcome Move, But Not Welcome at PBS

PBS 'P.O.V.: Short Cuts' Has Spinoff Gold Hidden Within

In My Expert Opinion, Expert Opinions Still Matter

Emmy Folks Launch 4th Annual Auction: Get Your Perks and Memorabilia Now!

Devote an Hour to BBC America's 'The Hour': You'll Be Back for More

Bullet Points: Gloria Steinem, Opening TV Credits, 'Bad' Episodic TV Titles

The Art of Darkness: Mark Dawidziak Discusses TV's Artistic Yet Pessimistic Evolution with Experts -- Including, Ahem...

Press Tour Leftovers: Yummy Bites about Some of Fall's Best TV Offerings

Taking a Travel/ Re-Entry Day -- Back with More Press Tour Nuggets Tomorrow

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose Indeed: 'Friday Night Lights' Wins TCA Program of the Year

Roll Up: Paul McCartney Takes Us On A Magical History Tour

PRESS TOUR: Latest News Involves Lady Gaga and a '24' Movie - But Not Together

FX's 'American Horror Story': Get Ready for Fall TV's Best, Scariest New Series

MSNBC Hosts Predict Next President, Identify Past TV Pundit Influences

PRESS TOUR: PBS 'Prohibition' Another Potent Concoction from the Ken Burns Team

PRESS TOUR: Hugh Laurie Supports the Blues, But Not iPods

PRESS TOUR: Varied PBS Menu Includes Gilbert & Sullivan, Pearl Jam and 'Great American Dream Machine'

'Walking Dead' News and a Hefner Playboy Mansion Account -- Or Is That Redundant?

TCA Press Tour Fall 2011: TVWW Is In the House

Spoiler Alert: Once Again, I'm Attacking Absurdly Tardy Spoiler-Alert Sensitivity

'Curb,' 'Entourage': Two HBO Eighth-Season Shows -- One Improving, One Outrageous

Two, Two, Two Blogs in One: It's a Love Story AND a TV Review...

Want a Fair and Balanced Account of TV Treatment of Murdoch Scandal? Our Bite Is As Good As Our Bark...

Thanks for Writing, and Even Tweeting, About My Classic TV Network Idea

Why 'Men of a Certain Age' Should Be Sent to a Home -- For Terrific, Underappreciated TV

'Friday Night Lights' Leaves, 'Breaking Bad' Returns

Emmy Nominations 2011: Nods and Snubs for 'Justified,' 'Episodes,' Others

'Rescue Me," 'Damages': Two Great TV Series Return, Fiery as Ever

Summertime Bounty: TV, Like Fruit, Is Ripe and Delicious

'Torchwood,' 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Return: Summer TV Just Keeps Getting Better

My Wish Came True: James Spader Is Joining NBC's 'The Office'

'Men of a Certain Age' Presents Season Finale on TNT... And Talk Today on NPR

From Cohan to Conan in One Easy (Soft-Shoe) Step

Yes, It's Our Country's Anniversary -- But Remember Some Summertime TV Anniversaries as Well

I'll Always Have Paris -- And the Steps from 'Midnight in Paris'

Remembering 'Columbo' Star Peter Falk... Oh, And One More Thing

How Ya Gonna Keep Him Here on the Web After He's Seen Paris?

Predictions about TV's Future: I Guessed Right -- Now It's Your Turn

Hey, Carrie Ann Inaba! Nothing Personal, but... Fook Yu!

Ed Martin Is Right: Once Again, MTV and Timberlake Have Redefined 'Boob Tube'

'Breaking Bad': The Series, The DVD, My Life

Let James Arness Rest in Peace: Kelsey Grammer Did NOT Match His Iron Man TV Record

Hey, PBS: Want Viewers to Stay Tuned? Interrupting Programs with Promo Breaks Isn't the Answer... But I Have One

Why 'True Blood' Rules: Zombies, Werewolves and Witches May Be Hot Now, But Vampires are Forever

2011 Season Finales: An Illustrated, Alphabetical, Very Subjective Recap

'Oprah' Finale: Cutting An Angelic Figure, In More Ways Than One

Peabodys at 70: Still Pioneering, Still Entertaining

Sherman, Set the Wayback Machine for... Later Tonight, After the Peabody Awards

Now I Lay Me Down to Sweep: For May TV Sweeps, Except for Oprah, Why Bother?

Trump's Presidential Bid Is Trumped by... Trump

'Freedom Riders': Important, Exciting New Documentary from PBS 'American Experience'

James Durbin Elimination an 'Idol' Travesty

Please Welcome Our Newest TVWW Writer: Jane Boursaw

Please Stand By: Today Is Especially Crazy

With 'The Voice,' NBC Profits by Going Dutch

Happy Golden Age, 'Vast Wasteland': It's Your 50th Anniversary!

Will Donald Trump Run for President? My Prediction: Yes, But...

'Justified' Season Finale: FX Series Delivers Potent Kick

TV Comedians: With Breaking Bin Laden News, It's Not Just Funny Business

TV Delivers the News: Bin Laden Killed in Navy SEALs Raid on Pakistan Compound

Royal Wedding Photo Album Review: Majestic Indeed

Watch Me Pull a Rabbit Out of My Hat! Aw, That Trick NEVER Works...

Outrageous in the Best Way: TV's 'South Park,' Broadway's 'Book of Mormon'

PBS 'Stonewall Uprising': It's a Riot, But It's Serious

'Talking Funny,' 'Cinema Verite,' 'Treme': HBO Goes 3 for 3

'Ernie Kovacs Collection': A DVD Set That Belongs in Yours

For Earth Day, Public TV Profiles Environmental Pioneers - Naturally

HBO's 'Game of Thrones': Hard to Follow, But Not to Watch

More Brilliant TV Idiocy Ahead: Science Channel Orders 'An Idiot Abroad 2'

At the Paley Museum: Hearing, Rather than Lecturing, About Ernie Kovacs

Reports of the Death of Broadcast TV Dramas Are Premature: Just Watch These Three Outstanding Series

TV and Broadway Intermingle Nicely in NY Philharmonic's 'Company' and HBO's 'Colin Quinn: Long Story Short'

Glenn Beck and 'Upstairs, Downstairs': Different (Key)Strokes for Different Folks

'Mad Men,' 'Friday Night Lights': Watch One While Waiting for New Episodes, Watch the Other Instead of Waiting

HBO Documentary 'His Way' Salutes Real-Life Broadway Danny Rose

'The Killing': AMC's Latest Dark, Daring TV Triumph

It's Such a Special Day, One Set of Best Bets Isn't Enough

Peabody Awards 2011 Winners: Once Again, Great Stuff, and Great Taste

STUDENT BLOG #7: See a Little, Like a Lot -- Watch the Starz, It's 'Camelot'

Showtime's 'United States of Tara': Like Its Heroine, It's Got More than One Personality

HBO's 'Mildred Pierce' Remake Takes Full Advantage of Miniseries Format

HBO 'Big Love' Finale Review: Don't Click Here Unless You Want to Discuss Details

Do You Have to Be an Idiot to Buy a New Phone Plan? Or Just Look Like One on TV?

'Bridge Over Troubled Water' -- Great Album, And Now Terrific TV, Too

I Said It First, and Now Neil Patrick Harris Agrees: He Should Host a TV Variety Show

Some Pledge Shows Are Well Worth Watching -- If You Can Find Them

Why I Like NBC's New 'America's Next Great Restaurant' Series -- But First, Why I Like Our TVWW Correspondents

People, Let Me Tell You 'Bout My Best Extras...

Singing the Praises of 'Troubadours' on PBS 'American Masters'

Charlie Sheen, 'In His Own Words' - And, on ABC, With His Own Rope

Oscars 2011: Final Award is Anti-'Social,' But There's a Lot to Like as 'King' Gets Crowned

For a Valuable Second Opinion, Look to England -- and to BBC News and Ricky Gervais

'American Idol' Has Found Its Heart, And Its Salvation, in Jennifer Lopez

News, Comedy, Drama -- Broadcast TV's Shining Examples of Each

Showtime's 'Episodes': No Second Season Yet, But There Better Be One

Elementary, My Dear Watson: On 'Jeopardy,' Computer Bites Man

Another Proposal to Cut Funding for Public Broadcasting? What a Big Bird-Brained Idea

Moist Eyes, Heavy Heart, Can't Watch: 'Friday Night Lights' Delivers a Bittersweet Farewell

With Return of FX Series, Enthusiasm, Praise and Loyalty Are 'Justified'

'Friday Night Lights': Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

Shawn Ryan Swims Upstream, Going from FX to Fox, with New 'Chicago Code' Cop Series

When the Super Bowl Ends, It's Time for... 'Glee'? Yes, and Smartly So

40 Years Later, You Really Should Get 'The Point'

Look At the (SUB)Way TV is Making You (FORD) Focus on Internal Ads

Ricky Gervais Pulls Off An Amazing TV Hat Trick -- Three Nights, Three Networks, Three Funny Show Appearances

Oprah, Larry, Regis... My Take On the 'Big 3' Leaving Their Respective TV Shows

Look Who's Talking, And to Whom, On TV... Or Don't...

A Veteran TV Writer Interviewed, A New TVWW Writer Introduced: More Treats from TV Worth Watching

'American Idol' In a Tailspin? After Day One, Too Early to Tell

'Civil War' is Coming Back -- To PBS, in April

Quick Question: Anybody Wanna Come Out and Play after 'American Idol'?

Twice as Many Best Bets as TVWW Can Fit to Print? Some Days, Yes... As in This Sunday

Time Slot Shifts: Some Are Promotions, Others Are Death Kisses

FX's 'Lights Out': Another Great New Show to Start the New Year Correctly

Happy 40th Anniversary, Archie Bunker

Five New Shows Premiere Sunday, Ranging from Excellent to Excrement

Advance Warning on Two Thursday TV Offerings -- One to Catch, One to Throw Back

Here Come de Judges! Here Come de Judges!

Lifetime Starts the New Year With an Old Trick: Women-as-Victims Movies

HAPPY NEW YEAR! My TVWW Resolution For 2011 Is...

Final Notes for 2010: Best and Worst Lists, and One Final Thanks

Thanks for all Those 'White Christmas' Dreams, Damnit...

Doctor Who Christmas Special: For Once, America Gets to Share the British TV Tradition

Hey, Listen! Terry Gross and I Talk TV, for Most of Today's 'Fresh Air'

Readers, Time for Your Holiday Writing Assignment: Identify Your Favorite Holiday Specials and Movies, And Why

'Tis REALLY the Season to Be Checking Out Our Site -- and Checking It Twice

On NPR's 'Fresh Air,' I Reveal My Favorite DVD Gift Recommendations for the Holidays: Here's the List, And Links to Buy Them

UPDATE: 'Simpsons' Katy Perry Clip Is Available - If You Act Now

Do 'The Simpsons' Blush? And, If So, What Color?

Q: What Do "Dexter" and "Walking Dead," and Wigwams and Tepees, Have in Common? A: They're Too Tense...

"Who" Cares? I Do: Missing Craig Ferguson "Doctor Who" Musical Number Finally Surfaces

Hey, Look! Our Contributors React to CBS's Morning Shift and Leslie Nielsen's Death -- Hey, Listen! Today on "Fresh Air," I Talk Mark Twain

Diane Werts Delivers Holiday Goodies Early: Her Annual Collections of DVD Gifts and Holiday Specials Are Here!!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend -- Look at the Shopping Deals HERE, without Leaving the House!

"God, That's Good!": PBS Presents Brilliant Sondheim Birthday Celebration

All I Am Saying, Is Give "LennoNYC" A Chance...

UPDATE: Still No Ferguson "Doctor Who" Musical Number Posted On the Net -- But at Least There's This...

Late-Night Surprises: Springsteen Sings, Ferguson Doesn't

When Is a TV Review of a Movie Worse Than the Movie Could Possibly Be? When It's on ABC "World News Now"

STUDENT BLOG #6: The Appeal of Zombies, Pre-"Walking Dead"

Seeing TV Differently, Through the Eyes of College Students

"Conan," Night 2: A Marked, Necessary Improvement

For "Conan," Third Time's Not the Charm -- Not on Opening Night, Anyway

Ready for Some Late-Night Coco? For Conan O'Brien, Third Time's the Real Test

Happy Birthday to Us -- TV WORTH WATCHING Is Three Years Old!

Sunday, Sunday: Answer to a Quality TV Lover's Prayers

From D.C. Rally to 'Indecision 2010' - And the 'Real' News Teams are Around, Too

New TCM History of Old Movies: It's Good, and the Movies Afterward are Even Better

With 'The Walking Dead,' AMC Delivers a Zombie Show with Brains

Sondheim's 'Evening Primrose': Blossoming at Last on Home Video

HBO's 'In Treatment': Lots of Changes, But Still Reliably Engrossing

Should You Watch New PBS 'Sherlock'? Elementary, My Dear Watson...

The Rise, and Fall, of 'Dangerously Funny'

TVWW Contributors: We're Here, There and Everywhere... Well, Almost

Satellite Serendipity: Both Diane Werts and I Are Tuned to Satellite Radio

Today on NPR's "Fresh Air": Me... As the Interviewee

Live, from New York -- It's Thursday Night!

'Simpsons' Goes Truly Twisted with Couch Gag by Guest Artist Banksy

Sunday Night is Amazing -- Even without Broadcast TV

It's Johnny's Birthday, It's Johnny's Birrrrth-day...

New HBO Documentary Illuminates Springsteen's 'Darkness'

A Day in the Life, As Requested: Today, it's Fresh Air -- and Synergy!

TV's Tenured 10: The Oldest Shows Currently Broadcast in Prime Time

Genius TV? MacArthur Fellowship Takes It Down to "The Wire"

Happy Anniversary to You! And You, And You...

Busy Day: Hosting 'Fresh Air,' Teaching Film and TV, Publishing Paperback and Writing for TVWW... Aaaand LOVING It!

Spoiler Alert: I'm About to Rant about Spoiler Alerts

Showtime's 'Dexter' Continues to Slay Me

Why Are TV's Court Jesters Making the Most Sense? And The Most News?

Oh, Hoppy Day: Another New Columnist Joins the TVWW Fold

Lots to Cover: The New TV Season, New TVWW Writers, and the Newest Student Blog, Reviewing NBC's "Event"

Let It Ride on HBO's "Boardwalk Empire": It's the Best Bet for Fall, By Far

This Fall's TV Viewing Advice: Out with the New, In with the Old

9 Out of 10 Critics Agree: Don't Watch NBC's "Outlaw"

One Week to the REAL Fall Premiere Week, Look What's Happening NOW...

HBO's "True Blood": Thanks for a Bloody Great Summer

Kickoff Curse Claims Another Victim... And Look Who's Next: CW's "Hellcats"

The First New Fall Shows are Here -- And So Is TVWW's Annual Fall Preview!

TV WORTH WATCHING 2010 Fall TV Preview Is On the Way... Tomorrow

I Want to Be a Paperback Writer... Paperback Wriiiii-ter!!

Where to Find the New Emmy Winners on TV? Glad You Asked...

After the Emmys, OUR Winners Are TVWW Reader Nathan and (Ahem) ME...

The Biggest Winner at the Emmys? HBO's "Temple Grandin" -- And Deservedly So

And the Emmy Goes to... Well, for Now, We're Just Guessing -- and So Can You

Digging Deep Into This Site, for Another Old Ray Recchi Story... And One of Mine

Why I Watch BBC America's "The Choir" with Glee -- and Enjoy "Glee" Just as Much

More Relaunch News, Radio and Newspaper Stuff, and Thoughts on Early Emmy Winners

The Relaunch is Here! The Relaunch is Here!

One if By LAN, Two if By PC: "The Relaunch is Coming! The Relaunch is Coming!"

Great New DVD Releases: Clear Eyes, Crafty Killers, Flying Squirrels

With "The Big C," Showtime Presents Another Great Actress -- But Unfortunately, This Time, Not Another Great Show

"Max Headroom" Finally Arrives on Home Video -- 25 Years Into Its Future

The New TV Season: On Broadcast TV, Not Much Fresh TV Worth Watching

News from the 2010 Summer TCA Press Tour -- From Some Favorite Colleagues

Watch AMC's "Rubicon" -- And Watch It CLOSELY!

AMC's "Mad Men" Returns, Starting with Four Brilliantly Weighted Words

Burt Reynolds Should Be a Recurring Character on USA's "Burn Notice"

Letter from the TVWW Mailbag -- One Contributor Writes a Reader about... ME?

USA's "Covert Affairs" Worth Watching; Other Summer Shows, Not So Much

TVWW Internal Memo: Your Mission, Eric Gould, Should You Decide to Accept It...

Newest Emmy Nominations: Lots of Past Oversights Corrected!

GUEST BLOG #102: TVWW Gang Weighs In On Emmy Nomination Wishes: Who SHOULD Get Noticed...

Powerful FX Two-Punch: "Rescue Me" Returns, Louis C.K. Regroups

Hell Freezes Over Again: First the Book is Finished, and Now the Website Relaunch is Nearly Here

Check Out -- Or Check Into -- ABC's "Boston Med" Documentary Series

TV Documentaries Inspire and Inform, While Shows Like "Wipeout" Suggest TV's "Downfall"

Once Again, A "Fresh Air" Interview Yields Some Breaking News About NBC's "Friday Night Lights"

Computer Problems Almost Do Me In -- But I Live to Scream Another Day

"A-Team" Movie Loses, But TV WORTH WATCHING Reader Wins

Cable Comedy Pioneer Robert Klein Strikes Again -- On HBO, Again

Lots Going On: New TVWW TV-to-Movie Contest, New Late-Night "Feud" with Fallon and Ferguson, and Lively New Comic Showcase on Showtime

It's True Love, Welcoming Back HBO's "True Blood"

TVWW Movie Contest Results: MacGruber Bombed Bigger Than ANYONE Expected

The "24: Finale: In the End, The Clock Counts Down to 00:00:00

ABC's "Lost" Finale: Death, Be Rather Proud

Newest TVWW Contest: Guess the Opening-Weekend Grosses for Two More TV-Inspired Movies

The Smothers Brothers Call It Quits, High-Class but Low-Key

Pure "Glee": "Dr. Horrible" Cohorts Joss Whedon, Neil Patrick Harris Reteam for This Week's Fox Musical Series

Rowan University: Graduation Day, And One Memorable TV History Essay

For "24" And Its Final Hour, It's Not Too Late to Kill Jack Bauer

STUDENT BLOG #5: Rolling with the Ups and Downs of "Grey's Anatomy"

Kent State, 40 Years Later -- A Personal Perspective

Tom Fontana Reunites "Oz" Cast, Raises Money for WGAE Foundation and Puts a Stuffed Moose's Head in Play, In a One-Day NY Stage Play Called "The Godfather Part IV"

So Long, Bill Moyers: Television Will Be Poorer without You

Actor Joe Pantoliano Becomes A Director, And Champions Compassion for "Mental Dis-Ease," In New Documentary

"Glee" and "Lost": Two of TV's Most Inventive, Original Series Are Must-See Tonight... But Are On Opposite Each Other

Speaking and Watching at the BEA: My Weekend in Vegas

Singing the Praises of Fox's "Glee": It's Back, and Even More Delightful

HBO's "Treme": Tasty, Musical, Defiantly Different, Just Like New Orleans

STUDENT BLOG #4: The Sun Should Set on Fox's "Sons of Tucson"

The Beatles on "Idol," "Amazing Race," "Glee": Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, or No, No, No?

Tonight on "Late Late Show": Attack of the Robot

An Incidental Easter Weekend Anniversary: 41 Years Ago, CBS Fired the Smothers Brothers

69th Annual Peabody Awards Announced: As Usual, Great Taste -- Honoring Great Shows

'Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution': Try It, You'll Like It

Fabulous, Fractured Females: "Nurse Jackie" and "United States of Tara" Return Tonight on Showtime

AMC's "Breaking Bad" Comes Crawling Back -- And It's Terrific

Discovery's Newest Nature Series: It's a Semi-Wonderful "Life"

HBO's "The Pacific" Is a Superb Sibling to "Band of Brothers"

Diane Holloway, and Millions of Others, Get Their Wish: Betty White Will Host "SNL"

CBS "Early Show" Presents "Colon Cam," Billed as "First TV Anchor to Undergo Live TV Colonoscopy"

My "Breaking Bad" Interview Breaks Today on NPR's "Fresh Air"

2010 ABC Oscar Telecast: Twice the Best Picture Nominees, Twice the Hosts, but Not Twice the Value

After Leno's First Week In Late Night, What's Happening? Lots -- But Not in Late Night

Jay Leno Returns to Late Night, Leaves Prime Time to "Parenthood"

Post-Olympics Reprise: One More Look at Theresa Corigliano's On-the-Scene Olympics Report

I Don't Usually Do This, But You MUST Watch This Keith Olbermann Segment from MSNBC's "Countdown"

Late Night Prepares to Shift Again, And Ferguson Already Is Experimenting

"Under Our Skin" Documentary Deserves National TV Exposure

Ricky Gervais Continues to Bat 1.000 on TV, This Time with HBO's "Ricky Gervais Show"

GUEST BLOG #77: Cindy Ronzoni on the coolest February sweep of all -- curling!

NBC's 2010 Olympics: Off to a Tragic/Thrilling/Impressive Start

Did Super Bowl XLIV Really Outdraw "M*A*S*H"? Not Necessarily...

"Undercover Boss": For CBS, A Smart Use of the Post-Super Bowl Slot

HBO's "Temple Grandin": The Best Telemovie in Years

What Did YOU Think of Last Night's "Lost"?

The Beginning of the End: ABC's "Lost" Is Back, For One Last Lap

STUDENT BLOG #3: An Anime Primer, and Pop Quiz: What Is "Moe"? (Hint: NOT One of the Three Stooges)

Final Verdict on Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse": Regarding the Cast, Missed It By That Much

Please Stand By: New Blogs Coming This Afternoon, Tomorrow

Goodbye, Conan -- Hello, Returning Cable Series and Other Good TV

We Know Jay Leno's Next Move -- Now How About David Letterman's?

Academy of TV Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame: The Smothers Brothers Get Inducted, Not Indicted

Today's Blog Is Late -- But With a Great Excuse

Conan, Take 2: Here's My Opinion Piece for

NEWS FLASH: Conan Refuses NBC's Post-Midnight "Tonight Show" Offer

Another Day, Another Prime-Time Shuffle: This Time It's Simon Cowell, Leaving "American Idol" for His Own Fox Series

NBC Confirms Leno Move, But Two Questions Remain: Whither Conan, and Will Leno's Late-Night Fans Return?

Leno Rumored to Return to 11:30: NBC's Latest Moronic Move

Smothers Brothers Book Update: Mostly Good News, and One Missed Opportunity

Coming Up for Fresh Air, I End Up Doing a Lot of "Fresh Air"... Today, George Lucas!

My Smothers Brothers Book Tour is Coming Soon to a City Near You -- But Only if You Live in New York or New Jersey...

CBS "Kennedy Center Honors" Special Is So Good, You MUST Watch -- And Take Notes, Because Afterward, There's a Quiz

Your Own "Top 10" Lists and Additions -- Keep 'Em Coming!

More "Fresh Air" Today, With My Year-End Top 10 List -- But Here's a Preview, and an Exclusive Bonus, My Bottom 5

Today, "Fresh Air"... Tomorrow, "Fresh Air" Again, Maybe... Two Chats, With Two Different Terrys

Only Four Shopping -- and Viewing -- Days Until Christmas

Perfect Timing: Smothers Brothers Pop Up on "The Simpsons," and Are Dreamy

TV Presents a Full-Scale Puppet Show: The 1,000th Episode of "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" on CBS

"Dangerously Funny," Week 3: Fun, Pivotal, Scary Thrill Ride

Another Shopping-Weekend Reminder: "Fresh Air" and TVWW Recommendations

Holiday Shopping Steal of the Day: "Seinfeld" DVD Set at 1/3 the Price!

And the Smothers Stuff Just Keeps on Coming... Now, New Web Pages At A New Website

"Dangerously Funny" Update, But Also Back to Business: Watch TNT's "Men Of a Certain Age"

"Dangerously Funny" Week: What a Whirlwind, Part 2: Ferguson and Skirball

"Dangerously Funny" Week: What a Whirlwind, Part 1

My Smothers Brothers Book "Drops" This Week -- And So Do I, Into a Few National TV and Radio Shows

Avoiding Crowds on Black Friday? Burnt Sienna Saturday? Chartreuse Sunday? Shop TV WORTH WATCHING Instead!

Larry David's "Curb Your Enthusiasm"/"Seinfeld" Combo Platter: Pure, Delicious Brilliance

Early, Easy Quality-TV Shopping: The TV WORTH WATCHING Holiday Gift Guide Rises Again!

AMC's "The Prisoner" Remake: Not Worth the Wait, Or the Time

How will "Curb Your Enthusiasm" End This Year? Our Website's Designer Has a Bold Prediction

Why Has TV WORTH WATCHING Been Sluggish of Late? Guilty -- with an Explanation

AMC's "Mad Men" Serves Up a Stunning Surprise -- And a Modern-Day TV Triumph

The Time Has Come: I'm Grounding Myself Until My Room Is Clean

Postseason Baseball Delivers Drama, If You Can See It, Find It -- Or Stay Awake for It

Back from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood -- And What a Warm, Inspiring Place It Was

New Monty Python Mega-Documentary: And Now for Something Completely Entertaining

Taking a Travel Day -- To Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

What a Blast: Two Blasts from My Distant Past Check Back In

Great News: My Smothers Brothers Book Arrives In Time for the Holidays

Imagine, If You Will... The 50th Anniversary of "The Twilight Zone" Goes Largely Unnoticed

Letterman's Surprise Admission: An Unexpected Late-Night Time Bomb

CW's "The Beautiful Life" Is Cursed, But Not Kickoff Cursed

A Week Into the New TV Season, What Do YOU Think?

Park Yourself In Front of the TV for PBS "National Parks"

Big News, and Lots of It: Emmy Reaction, Breaking News of Exciting Fresh TV Import, and TVWW's New Fall Preview!

Craig Ferguson: Amusing, Honest, Literary Autobiography Author -- on Purpose

TV History All Over the Place: Larry Gelbart Friday, "Bonanza" Saturday, Leno Tonight

Beatles Fans, Repeat After Me: "Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine..."

15 TV Things to Look Forward To This Month

Themes to Me, And to Others, That TV Is Missing a Musical Best Bet

Feeling Nostalgic about the Wild, Wild Western

twentysomething years ago, there was "thirtysomething"...

Don Hewitt Dies At 86, But His 41-Year Old CBS "60 Minutes" Is Still Ticking

Fox "Octomom" Special Is the Runt of the TV Litter

AMC's "Mad Men" Returns with Its Charismatic Cast of Retrosexuals

Solution to Emmy Flap: Make Better Programs, Stupid

Taking One Final Smothers Day Off -- To Finish Final Proofs!

"Monk" Begins Final Season with a "Brady" Punch

One "Cheers" for the TCA Awards: How and When the Awards Really Began

GUEST BLOGS #38-39: Diane Holloway, Bill Brioux on 2009 TCA Awards

Knights of The TV Round Table: A Freewheeling Critical Discussion

Ben Silverman Exits NBC Universal: Quality TV Stock Futures Rise

Pushing Daisies: Gone from TV, But Arriving on DVD

One Last Piece of Our Cronkite Tribute: Bill Brioux Quotes A Swearing, Stuttering Uncle Walter

Walter Cronkite: All of Us At TV WORTH WATCHING Remember The Way He Was

2009 Emmy Nominations: What They Missed, What They Got Right

RomaFictionFest: Keeping Scripted Television Alive, Part II

RomaFictionFest: Keeping Scripted Television Alive, Part I

Thanks to the Jackson Memorial TV Coverage, We'll Always Have Paris -- But Should We?

Problems With Site Server -- May Not Be Able to Update Today

Michael Jackson Coverage Goes Mega -- Again

When in Rome...

What's On YOUR Wish List of TV Shows That Ought to Be Out on DVD?

My Smothers Brothers Book Now Has a Cover -- And I Love It

TNT's "HawthoRNe": Is Cable TV Trying Too Much AND Too Little?

"True Blood": Once Again, a Bloody Good TV Treat

Re-Entry to Real Life: Today "Fresh Air," Tomorrow the World...

TV Ratings Tell Many Compelling Stories: Conan is Slipping, "Harper's Island" is Sinking, "Daisies" Wipes Out, But "Wipeout" Doesn't

Neil Patrick Harris Slam-Dunks CBS Tony Awards with Naughty Musical Finale

Frozen Hell! Flying Pigs! Peaceful Middle East! My Smothers Brothers Book Is Done!!

TV WORTH WATCHING Has a Father's Day Treat, If You're Shopping for Dad (Or Are One)

On the Same Night, NBC Glides with Conan, But Not Before Crashing with "I'm a Celebrity"

NBC: "I Used to Be a Network... Get Me Out of Here!"

Jay Leno Leaves "Tonight," "Pushing Daisies" Returns, and Alan Alda Drops a "M*A*S*H" Note

Conan's Proper Approach to NBC's "Tonight Show": Reverent Irreverence

Fox Gets Buoyant Head Start on Fall Schedule, with "Glee"

Great News for Quality TV: "Dollhouse," Others Get Fall Renewals

The Day After: Already, I'm Lost without "Lost"

CW's "Everybody Hates Chris" Deserves Reprieve for its "Sopranos" Cliffhanger

"Star Trek" TVWW Contest Prizes Boldly Go To Two Different Winners

BREAKING NEWS: Was the Fix In On NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice"? Take Your Own Smell Test

"Amazing Race," "Celebrity Apprentice" Finales: Very Emotional, For Very Different Reasons

"Star Trek" TVWW Contest Is Officially Closed -- Winner Announced Tuesday

TV WORTH WATCHING Contest: On Opening Weekend, How High Will "Star Trek" Boldly Go?

STUDENT BLOG #2: A Younger Perspective on Fox's Endangered "Dollhouse"

NBC Unveils Clips of Several New 2009-10 Fall Series -- "Parenthood" Makes Best First Impression

Closing In On Smothers Book, Opening Up On Twitter

"Celebrity Apprentice" Heavyweight Diva Duel: Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Beeyotch

TV Worth Watching Begs: Networks, Please, Renew These Shows

DirecTV Makes Two More Brilliant TV Acquisitions: "Oz" and "Deadwood"

"The Cougar" on TV Land: What's Wrong with This Picture?

STUDENT BLOG #1: A Review, and Defense, of "Wrestlemania 25"

What Do Jon Stewart and Benjamin Franklin Have in Common? Or Stephen Colbert and Will Rogers?

Three New Thursday TV Shows, No New Thursday Triumphs

FX's "Rescue Me" Returns -- Finally, and Brilliantly

With HBO's "In Treatment" and Showtime's "United States of Tara," TV is Great Therapy

40 Years Ago -- On April 3, 1969 -- CBS Fired the Smothers Brothers

A Few Minutes About Andy Rooney...

Hey, Look! Another Smothers Day!

28 Years of NBC Thursday Drama Excellence -- Great Streak, But It's Almost Over

Another "Smothers Day" -- Remember, Patience Is a Virtue

Spring Break for My Students, Smothers Marathon for Me

With "Kings," NBC Does Something Different -- And Interesting

NBC's "Chopping Block": Off With Its Head

Does Ken Burns Need a New Sponsor -- Or a Federal Bailout?

Nathan Fillion Makes ABC's "Castle" a Comfy Place to Visit

"Breaking Bad" Returns Brilliantly, With Even More Intensity

Late-Night TV Chess: Thanks to a Bishop, Craig Ferguson Is King

Second Impressions: NBC's "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," Day Two

First Impressions: NBC's "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" Debut

Talk Show History Is Written Tonight, In a New Game of Late-Night Chess

Another Happy Smothers Day: More High-Intensity Book Work

NBC Needs To Extend Its "Life"

Next Volleys in Late-Night Wars About to Be Fired: Jimmy Fallon Opens Strong, But Craig Ferguson Is Tutu Good

What the Oscars Did Right Last Night

This Weekend, Every Night Brings Something Special: Conan Friday, "Taking Chance" Saturday, Oscars Sunday

"American Idol" Still Connects... And Serves Up Some Karmic Payback

TV Worth Watching Guides You to eGuiders

"Stealing Lincoln's Body" Is Too Good To Be True -- Yet, Amazingly, It Is

Fox's "Dollhouse" Has the Feel of Joss Whedon's Fourth TV Triumph

Letterman Soars With Heroic US Airways Crew

Just a Tease -- But Changes, and New Writers, Are Coming to TV Worth Watching

With "60 Minutes" and Grammys, CBS Does Itself Doubly Proud -- Next Step, Timberlake TV?

41 Years Later, "60 Minutes" Still Delivers the (Very) Goods

Over-the-Air TV: Now You See It, Now You See It a Little Longer

Three-Way Scripted TV Battle: How Unusual Is THAT?

Here's an Irritating TV Mistake, From NBC's "Medium"

Super Bowl XLIII: Super Game, Super Halftime, Not-So-Super Ads

Tacky Tricks of the TV Trade: NBC's "Office" After Super Bowl, "Chuck" in 3-D

Katie Couric As Ready-For-Prime-Time Player

"CBS Evening News" Makes It A Later Evening -- Why Not?

Catching Up on Press Tour, Courtesy of Bill Brioux

TNT's "Trust Me" Is No Modern "Mad Men" -- or Updated "thirtysomething," Either

One TV Question Posed, One TV Press Tour Secret Revealed

If Broadcast TV Is to Survive, All is "Lost"

I Watched President Obama in My TV History Class -- Where Were You?

Watch History on TV Today, Almost Wherever You Turn

Sunday Serves Up Two Powerhouse Battles for Viewer Attention -- Both Involving HBO

Appreciating Patrick McGoohan: To Me, His "Prisoner" Was Number 1

Make 'Em Laugh: PBS Humor Documentary IS a Laughing Matter

Golden Globes: This Year, They Went Off Without a Strike

Jack's Back on Fox's "24," Accepting Responsibility -- But Unapologetic

Packing Away the Holiday Ornaments, And Saying Thanks...

Maximize Your "Damages": Intense FX Legal Drama Is Back

So What TV is Worth Watching in 2009? Try These, for Starters...

Deeper Into the TV Worth Watching Readers' Poll -- Your Questions, Your Other Favorites

TV Worth Watching Readers' Poll: "Mad Men" Best Show of 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR! My New Year's Resolution Is...

Here's My Top 10 TV List of 2008 -- What's Yours?

Merry Christmas to All...

Merry Christmas Eve Two-Way: Terry Gross Interviews Me On Today's "Fresh Air"

TV Holidays Are Festive Again: Letterman Is Back with His Annual Christmas Show

Not Enough Shopping Days Left Until Christmas... But Here's One Great Last-Second DVD Gift Idea, And Many Others

The Password is... Unfortunate

Whoops! Some TVWW Shopping Links Were Messed Up...

With NBC Presenting "Momma's Boy" at 10, A Leno Alternative IS Better

More Christmas TV Treats -- This Time, Where to Find Them Online

Not Too Many Shopping Days Left Until the Holidays -- So Please Shop Here!

"The Shield," Boston Legal" Ended Beautifully -- But for TV Drama, What's Next?

Now That Leno Has Landed, What's Next? Some Thoughts...

Leno in Prime Time? Good for Business, Bad for TV

The Show with the Most Famous Balcony Scenes Since "Romeo & Juliet" Ends Tonight

Once Again, It's Smothers Day!

CNN's Christiane Amanpour Probes History of Genocide; ABC's Barbara Walters Interviews "Fascinating" Miley Cyrus

Look Who's Talking -- On TV, That Is -- And Who's Shockingly Good At It

ABC's "According to Jim" -- It's Alive! Alive!

Welcome to Cyber Monday! Shop for TV DVDs, and Plan Your Holiday Viewing, Here at TV WORTH WATCHING...

Holiday DVD Shopping? Holiday TV Viewing? TV Worth Watching Has It All, So Please Dive In!

For Thanksgiving, TV Worth Watching Will Spare a Turkey: "Rosie Live!"

The Variety Show Deserves to Be Reincarnated -- But Is Rosie Its Savior?

FX's "The Shield" Ends As It Began, with a Killer Episode

Even Sweeps Don't Keep Cable From Demanding Attention

ABC Mows Down "Daisies," Fox Presents Bite-Sized Taste of "24"

"Pushing Daisies" Needs ABC's Support Now More Than Ever

ABC's "Pushing Daisies": An Endangered Flower That Must Be Protected

New Holiday DVD Shopping Guides Are Up -- Please Shop. Please. Pretty Please...

The Best, And Worst, Of Current TV Commercials

Ricky Gervais Scores Comedically and Technologically -- Look Ma, No Hands!

NBC Product Placement Stoops to Another Egregious Low

"Chocolate News": Comedy Central Gets Its Newest Breakout Vehicle

Scarborough Spills Steaming Cup of F-Word on "Morning Joe"

Happy Smothers Day -- Again!

TV Worth Watching Marks First Anniversary! Exclamation Marks Justified!

Obama Wins -- Election TV Coverage Does, Too

Today's Election Day Advice Is Short and Simple...

"SNL" Fires One Final Election-Year Bullseye

TV Worth Watching Is Voting Early: Best TV Series of 2008 Is "The Daily Show"

Will "30 Rock" Ride Tina Fey Fever to Become Must-See TV?

TV Hardball Doubleheader: Obama, Baseball Throw Their Best Pitches

World Series Game 5, Pt. 2: A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, and Obama's On the Horizon

Two TV Acting Triumphs in Two Days: What a Hamm!

This Weekend, It's a Mad Mad "Mad Men" World

Will "SNL" Fever Transmit to "30 Rock"? It Deserves To...

"Pushing Daisies": ABC Loves It, ABC Loves It Not

Taking a Personal Holiday: It's Smothers Day

For Remainder of Presidential Campaign, Politics Is, And Isn't, A Laughing Matter

Mini-Reviews: McCain on "Letterman," Latest "SNL Thursday," New Series "Crash" and "Crusoe"

Final Presidential Debate Was...A Debate! And a Great One...

Baseball Playoffs on Fox, Possible "Hail Mary" Pass on Presidential Debate

Tonight's "Frontline" is Truly "Choice" Television

Bob Schieffer: Having Candidates Scrap Debate Rules Would be "The Dream"

Funny Thing: Politics Makes Comedians Work Overtime

Lots of New Shows Tonight, But Only Some Are Worthwhile

Who Came Out Ahead in the Second Presidential Debate? "That One..."

Tina Fey As Sarah Palin: One of the All-Time Greats In the "SNL" Political Pantheon

Dissecting the Debate: One More Episode in This Season's Best TV Drama

Tonight's Vice Presidential Debate: Three Predictions, One Recommendation

"Friday Night Light" Returns -- But Where? And What is NBC Thinking?

Sarah Palin May Be Slipping, But Katie Couric and Tina Fey Are Soaring

"Dexter" Returns -- Showtime's Killer Show is Back, And is Thrilling

McCain Bails on Tomorrow's Debate -- And on Last Night's "Letterman"

More Premieres, More Season Returns, More Yawns

Network Series Premiere, But PBS Shines with "American Masters"

Emmys The Day After: Good Wins, Bad Hosts, Dull Presenters, Nice Surprise

Emmy Voting Procedures Better, But Still Tricky to Predict

Three Quirky New DVD Sets, All Worth Watching (And Owning)

Tuesday's One-Two-Three Punch of Quality TV: "House," "Fringe," "Shield"

"Saturday Night Live" Returns Brilliantly -- For Five Minutes

Good for Viewers: Bad New Shows Are Rejected Quickly

Craig Ferguson Goes All Howard Beale, In A Good Way

The "Hole" Truth About Fox's "Hole in the Wall"

Among the New Broadcast Series We've Seen, Fox's "Fringe" Is the Best

TV Season Is Rolling Out New Stuff -- And So Are We

Coagulations! HBO Bounces Back with "True Blood"

Republicans Get Message Across Unfiltered

Palin Takes Stage, "Daily Show" Takes Aim, "90210" Takes Off (Barely)

Gustav Storms Gulf Coast, TV News Networks Storm Storm

Republican Convention, Hurricane Season, Fall Season -- Split-Screen Scrambles Everywhere You Look

Obama Gets High Marks from Most Analysts, But CBS Deserves Low Ones

Democratic National Convention Day 3: Broadcast TV Missed the Best Parts

Democratic National Convention Day 2: More Unity, But Also More PUMAs

Democratic National Convention TV Coverage: Here's What You're Missing

Goodbye, Olympics -- Hello, Politics and Other "Dangerous Jobs"

First of New Fall Shows Surfaces Monday -- And So Does TV's Kickoff Curse

Networks Thrilled by Olympics Viewership -- But May Be Embracing the Wrong Moral

Best New TV Show of the Fall Season? No One Can Say...

CW Withholds Press Screeners for "90210" -- Earth Continues to Rotate on Axis

For Michael Phelps and NBC's Olympics Coverage, Eight is Enough

Michael Phelps' Midas Touch: Every Outstretched Hand Turns to Gold

Your Mission, Mr. Phelps, Should You Decide To Accept It...

Thanks to the Olympics, NBC Looks Like a Network Again -- For Now

Smothers Brothers Finally Coming Out on Video -- With My Liner Notes!

NBC's Olympics Coverage -- So Far, So Great

Olympics Opening Ceremony Was Transcendent TV -- Here's An Annotated Scrapbook

Olympics Opening Weekend: What and Where Are You Watching It?

Check Your TV Temperature: Do You Have Olympic Fever?

Bob Woodruff Serves Up Tasteful TV Special, On China

"P.O.V." Johnny Cash Documentary Is Nearly 40 Years Old, But Is Tonight's Freshest TV Offering Anyway

TV Worth Watching Suggests: A Roundabout Way for "Dr. Horrible" to Reach Broadway

Forget "American Idol" -- British Idol is "Doctor Who"

TV's Digital Conversion: What Will Bugs Bunny Look Like Without Rabbit Ears?

I Come to Bury "EliteXC Saturday Night Fights," Not to Praise It

No, You're Not Delusional -- The TV in TV Worth Watching Is Flickering On!

For "X-Files" Movie Box-Office Returns, The Truth Is Out There - And It's Brutal

AMC's "Mad Men" Returns -- And Once Again, It's a Blast from the Past

One More Day for "X-Files" Contest Guesses -- and One More Round of News from TCA

Another Box-Office Guessing Game: X (Files) Marks the Spot, but Which One?

A Personal History of, and Farewell to, TCA Press Tour

TCA Awards Presentation: The Makers and Watchers of Quality TV Share the Love

"Desperate Housewives" Time-Jump Inspired by "Lost" Flash-Forward

Emmy Nominations Are Out, "Mad Men" Is In, and "Friday Night Lights" Was Robbed

Update: Evil Triumphs, "Dr. Horrible" Back Up and Running

Joss Whedon's "Dr. Horrible" Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

"Fringe" Is Fabulous: J. J. Abrams and Company Do It Again, This Time for Fox

Reopening "The Closer," Trying to Save "Grace," Diving Into TCA Press Tour

HBO's "Generation Kill" Caught between Iraq and a Hard Place

TCA Press Tour: Canaries in the Coal Mine, with Note Pads?... And an Update!

Breaking News from TCA Tour, Courtesy of Diane Werts

AFTRA Votes to Settle, Fellow Union's Hopes SAG

Minisodes, Mini-Seasons and Mini-Press Tours

TCM Stays True to Its Identity -- A Cable Rarity These Days

Linda Ellerbee, As Always, Treats Kids Like Adults

What's Right with This Picture?

If You Don't Dive Into "Mad Men" DVD, You're Crazy

Hollywood Should Balk at Prospect of a Strike Two

True TV Tributes Deserve Hours, Not Moments

For Summer-Starved Quality TV Fans, ABC's "Hopkins" Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

ABC's "Japanese Game Show" Is Better Than Expected, but "Wipeout" Is Even Worse

Lots to Cover: Your "Get Smart" Guesses, Your Website Ad Advice, "P.O.V." and Thoughts on George Carlin and Tom Brokaw

Can I Be Trusted to Accept -- and Decline -- Ads? I Need Your "P.O.V."

"Get Smart" Movie -- Your Mission, Should You Decide to Accept It...

"Get Smart" Movie Remake: Sorry About That, Chief

Good DVD for a Slow Summer: "Californication"

Tim, Tiger, the Tonys and Kobe: What a Father's Day for TV...

Father's Day Choices: Remembering Old Broadway, Old TV, and Old TV Dads

"Celebrity Circus" Another Big (Top) Network Embarrassment

NBC's "Celebrity Circus": Another Sucker-Born-Every-Minute Move

"Soap" Navigates Slippery Slope of Overpopulated DVD Boxed Sets

One Good Side Effect of the Writers' Strike: Summer TV Documentaries

New CBS Drama Takes "Sybil" Liberties

"Swingtown" Languishes on CBS, "Fear Itself" Surprises on NBC

2008 Presidential Primary Contest Is History -- In More Ways Than One

"Sex" Adjusts Opening-Week Total, But Winner Stays the Same Here

"Sex" Sells -- $55.7 Million Worth! Who Would Have Guessed? (Besides Me...)

Season Finale Was So Good, I'm Lost without "Lost"

TV Worth Watching's First Reader Quiz: How Much Is "Sex" Worth?

"Sopranos" Educational Conference Sparks Unexpected C*ntroversy

HBO's "Recount": Enjoy It, But Don't Mistake It for a Documentary

Frank Rich Working with HBO? This Could be Rich Indeed...

From "American Idol" to "American Gladiators" -- Goodbye, TV Season

TV Worth Watching Welcomes Its First Other Contributor: Diane Werts

My Smothers Brothers Book Is In the Works -- Finally!

Fox Makes Great First Impression: "Dollhouse," "Fringe" Look Wonderful, and Reduced Ad Approach Is Brilliant

CBS Upfront Update: Dog and Pony Show, Minus the Pony

Upfront Update: CBS Dims "Moonlight," Embraces "Mother"

What's New at the Network Upfronts? So Far, Less than Usual...

ABC Rescues NBC's "Scrubs," While NBC Launches First Fall Promo and NBC NY Anchor Drops the 'F' Bomb

Being Up Front With the Network Upfronts

The Aloha TV Season: You Say Hello, I Say Goodbye

HBO's "Hear and Now" Is A Treat for the Eyes -- and Ears

CBS Calls Indiana for Clinton, Then Sweats Hours Waiting for a Second Opinion

"Two and a Half Men" Spoofs "CSI" -- But Not for the First Time

CBS Goes to the Dark Side of the "Moonlight" Promos

Watching Ringo Starr Now and Then -- As in 2008 and 1981

NBC Slips from Must-See to Please-Watch TV

The Magic of Live TV: Paula Abdul Hears Double On "American Idol"

Special Guest Stars -- A TV Trick That Goes Back a Long Way

Timely Advice for CBS: Be Good to "Your Mother" -- With Update!

One More Democratic Debate? Sure -- If Run By Some Good, Old Moderators

Don't Look Now (Actually, Please Do), But Broadcast TV Is Back

American Idol, American Politics -- "America Has Voted, and..."

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Pennsylvania Primary

More on My Newsmaking Conversations with Kyle Chandler and Tim Robbins

Murrow, Minow, Chayefsky, Sorkin, Kelley and Robbins -- Six Degrees of "Mad As Hell"

Latest Democratic Debate Provides No Fireworks -- And Maybe That's Okay

More Tim Robbins, and Other News, from the NAB: What Happens in Vegas Isn't Staying There

At NAB Convention, Tim Robbins Speaks His Mind -- And His Speech

April 14, 2008 - Extras! Extras! Read All About Them -- Finally!

April 11, 2008 - Talents of 12 of 16 Stars Remain Secret: CBS Mercy Kills "Secret Talents" After One Telecast

April 10, 2008 - Welcome Back, NBC Thursday Night -- Especially "30 Rock"

April 09, 2008 - I've Got a "Secret" I Don't Want

April 08, 2008 - Broadcast Showings of Cable Series: Something Borrowed, Something Blew

April 07, 2008 - More Shows Returning! Another Strike Looming?

April 04, 2008 - "Battlestar Galactica" Returns with Frakking Strong Episode

April 03, 2008 - NBC Plans, God Laughs

April 02, 2008 - This Just In: 2007 Peabody Awards Announced, and It's Another Discerning Roster

April 02, 2008 - Networks Missing the Value of Reliability

April 01, 2008 - Broadcast Networks Bounce Back from Strike With Ambitious New Scripted Series... April Fools!

March 31, 2008 - We're Number 1's! Top NCAA Seeds Advance to Final Four

March 28, 2008 - It's Show Time on Showtime: "Tudors" Returns, Tracey Ullman Debuts

March 27, 2008 - Exclusive!: NBC's "Friday Night Lights" Returning for Sure

March 26, 2008 - HBO's "In Treatment" Has Been Very Good Therapy

March 25, 2008 - Great Documentaries Are Alive and Well -- Just Not on Broadcast TV

March 24, 2008 - Sit Me Baby One More Time: Britney Goes the Sitcom Route

March 21, 2008 - "American Idol" Beatles Nights Didn't Please Please Me

March 20, 2008 - Nights of the Round(ball) Table: TV Coverage to Please Lance a Lot

March 19 - Changes Are Coming to This Site... Glacially, but Surely

March 18, 2008 -- When Good Shows Happen to Bad People

March 17, 2008 - It's Some Laughing Matter: The First Post-Strike Sitcoms Are Back

March 14, 2008 - HBO's "John Adams" Makes It Three for Three for Tom Hanks

March 13, 2008 - ABC's "Lost" Is Great, But Its "Enhanced Lost" Is Grating

March 12, 2008 - Lewis Black Doesn't Triumph Over "Evil"

March 11, 2008 - Digging Deeply Into HBO's "In Treatment"

March 10, 2008 - When Is It Fair, and Unfair, to Reveal TV Secrets?: Two Case Studies

March 07, 2008 - Saying Goodbye to "The Wire"

March 06, 2008 - When Good Ads Happen to Bad TV Shows

March 05, 2008 - Republicans Solidify, Democrats Liquefy

March 04, 2008 - For TV, It's Super-Super-Duper Tuesday

March 03, 2008 - Here's Something Rare: Praise for What ISN'T On TV

February 29, 2008 - I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die Blog

February 28, 2008 - An Embarrassment of Riches on Live TV

February 27, 2008 - To Everything There is a (TV) Season, Turn, Turn, Turn... Including Pete Seeger

February 26, 2008 - I'm Just Mad about Saffron... And HBO's "The Gates"

February 25, 2008 - "SNL" Casts Obama and Looks Forward, While the Oscars Hands Out Awards and Looks Backward

February 22, 2008 - Post-Strike Rewards: "Saturday Night Live" One Night, Oscars the Next

February 21, 2008 - Listen to the Jukebox, Send Some Feedback

February 20, 2008 - "Company," From Then to Now

February 19, 2008 - Careful, NBC, or Your Initials Soon May Stand for "Nothing But Crap"

February 18, 2008 - The Writers' Strike Is Over, But the Unscripted Junk Continues

February 16, 2008 - Still Easier Than Rolling Off a Blog

February 15, 2008 - On the CBS "Dexter," There Will Be Blood... But Not as Much

February 14, 2008 - The Writers Are Back: Wow! Wow! Wow!

February 13, 2008 - Viewers Held Hostage, Day 100: Our Long National TV Nightmare Is Over

February 12, 2008 - Fiddling Around with "My Grammy Moment"

February 11, 2008 - TV Writers Vote Tomorrow, And May Be Back to Work Wednesday

February 9, 2008 - Still Easier Than Rolling Off a Blog

February 08, 2008 - The Strike May be Ending - And HBO's "Inside the NFL" Definitely Is

February 07, 2008 - With or Without Writers, Late-Night Shows are Hitting Home Runs

February 06, 2008 - Super Tuesday's Clear Winner Is... A Player to be Named Later

February 05, 2008 - Shifting from Super Bowl to Super Tuesday

February 04, 2008 - Yes, Virginia, It Was a Super Bowl

February 2, 2008 - Still Easier Than Rolling Off a Blog

February 01, 2008 - Super Debate, Super "Lost," Super Bowl, Super Duper Tuesday

January 31, 2008 - How Will Viewers Find "Lost" - If They Do?

January 30, 2008 - The February Ratings Sweeps Start Tomorrow - Barely

January 29, 2008 - Day 87: American TV Held Hostage

January 28, 2008 - Diving Into "In Treatment," And Loving It

January 26, 2008 - Still Easier Than Rolling Off a Blog

January 25, 2008 - Fox and P.T. Barnum Agree Again... For Now

January 24, 2008 - One Month to the Oscars, and Counting - Quickly

January 23, 2008 - Ringo Stars on TV, And Saves the Best for Latest

January 22, 2008 - "Moment of Truth" for Network TV?

January 21, 2008 - Forget the Talk Show Wars - It's Time for an Official Late-Night Feud

January 19, 2008 - Still Easier Than Rolling Off a Blog

January 18, 2008 - AMC Follows "Mad Men" With Another Bold Series

January 17, 2008 - What's On, and Gone, On TV's Late-Night Shows

January 16, 2008 - "American Idol" Up to Its Old Tricks - and Why Not?

January 15, 2008 - While Others are Idle, Fox Has "Idol"

January 14, 2008 - NBC's "Golden Globe Winners Special" a Real Loser

January 12, 2008 - Still Easier Than Rolling Off a Blog

January 11, 2008 - Three Sunday TV Offerings Chase Past Glories... At Various Speeds

January 10, 2008 - Strike News: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

January 09, 2008 - CBS Imports "Dexter" from Showtime - Expect Pressure Groups to Scream Bloody Murder

January 08, 2008 - Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Are Back - and Are Terrific

January 07, 2008 - Late-Night Comebacks, Take Two: Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert Return Tonight

January 5, 2008 - Still Easier Than Rolling Off a Blog

January 04, 2008 - Getting Down to "The Wire," One Last Time

January 03, 2008 - Late-Night Impressions, First Night Back

January 02, 2008 - Ready or Not, Here It Comes: TV's Pseudo-Second Season

January 01, 2008 - Happy New Year, Especially for Late-Night Fans

December 31, 2007 - 10 Best TV Series of the Year, Times Two

December 29, 2007 - Still Easier Than Rolling Off a Blog

December 28, 2007 - Best TV Series of 2007? Best TV Ad? Same Winner...

December 27, 2007 - My Three Favorite Live TV Mistakes of 2007

December 26, 2007 - "Kennedy Center Honors" All of Television

December 25, 2007 - Merry Christmas!!!

December 24, 2007 - The Next Mass Medium, One Chunk at a Time

December 22, 2007 - Still Easier Than Rolling Off a Blog

December 21, 2007 - The "Late Show" Christmas Tree Meatball Will be Knocked Down This Year - Guaranteed

December 20, 2007 - Wait Till Next Year: In 13 Days, Late-Night Talk Shows Return

December 19, 2007 - New FCC Ruling is Worth Getting "Mad as Hell" About

December 18, 2007 - Late Night Shows Ask, "Can We Talk?" - And Some Will, Very Soon

December 17, 2007 - Yesterday, AFI Embraced TV's Best; Today, ABC and NBC Don't

December 15, 2007 - Easier Than Rolling Off a Blog

December 14, 2007 - Ricky Gervais And His "Extras" Special TV Show

December 13, 2007 - "Late Show" Christmas - Baby, Please Come Home

December 12, 2007 - Reality Can Be Cruel, And So Can Reality TV

December 11, 2007 - Another Sign This Strike Is a Tough One: For the First Time, the TCA Has Canceled Its Press Tour

December 10, 2007 - It's Time for David Letterman to Come Back - And Jon, and Conan, and All the Rest

December 09, 2007 - Tom Brokaw Brings "1968" Up to Date

December 08, 2007 - Fasten Your Seat Belts: Strike Talks Break Off Again, And Sound Really Broken

December 07, 2007 - Shop! In the Name of Love...

December 06, 2007 - TV Alchemy: Turning "Tin Man" Into Gold

December 05, 2007 - WGA Strike Reaches One-Month Mark - And So Does TV Worth Watching

December 04, 2007 - The Morning After... "Heroes," "Monday Night Football" and "Last Call with Carson Daly"

December 03, 2007 - "You Guys Know Who Philo Farnsworth Was?"

December 02, 2007 - "Tin Man": Sci-Fi Channel Dares to Dream, While the Broadcast Networks Merely Sleep

December 01, 2007 - All Hail the Queen of Christmas TV

November 30, 2007 - Strike Movement, and Late-Night Strike Moves

November 29, 2007 - One Less Strike, One More Debate

November 28, 2007 - Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You-Tube...

November 27, 2007 - Great Grief! "Charlie Brown Christmas" Still the Best

November 26, 2007 - If Video Killed the Radio Star, Who Killed the Video Star?

November 25, 2007 - Strike Talks Resuming, Scripted Shows Evaporating

November 24, 2007 - Supporting the Strike, One Frame at a Time

November 23, 2007 - One-Word Advice, from Plastics to Quarterlife

November 22, 2007 - Happy Thanksgiving - Pass the TV Turkey

November 21, 2007 - Final Body Count for "The War"

November 20, 2007 - Quarterlife's Next Life...and Other Good News

November 19, 2007 - Day 14: Viewers Held Hostage

November 18, 2007 - Mission: Impasse-able

November 17, 2007 - Live, But Only in New York, It's Saturday Night!

November 16, 2007 - Icon Believe TV Land's "50 Greatest TV Icons" List

November 15, 2007 - Happy Birthday to Me

November 14, 2007 - Even on Broadway, The Show Mustn't Go On

November 13, 2007 - Gather Ye TV Shows While Ye May

November 12, 2007 - Is There Quarterlife After Television? Yes.

November 11, 2007 - Aaron the Strike Out King

November 10, 2007- Those were the (Satur)days

November 9, 2007 - The Play's the Thing

November 8, 2007 - Strike One! Strike Two

November 7, 2007 - Up and Cyber-Running

November 6, 2007 - Day One, of Both the Website and the Writers' Strike

November 5, 2007 - Out to Launch

David Bianculli

Behind David in the picture is the first TV owned by his father, Virgil Bianculli, a 1946 Raytheon. (The TV, not his father. His father was a 1923 Italian.)

David Bianculli has been a TV critic since 1975, including a 14-year stint at the New York Daily News, and sees no reason to stop now. Currently, he's TV critic for NPR's Fresh Air, occasional substitute host for that show's Terry Gross, and teaches TV and film history at New Jersey's Rowan University. His most recent book is 2009's Dangerously Funny: The Uncensored Story of 'The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour,' and he's at work on another.