No, you're not imagining things...that's an actual seal giving the "thumbs up" in our new TV Worth Watching® Seal of Approval!! (Inside his very own TVWW lifesaver.) OK, so maybe we're walking on our hands here, but we have tons of recommendations of the best that TV has to offer. And after 35 years of separating the minnows from the big ones, that's an impressive kettle of fish...

Partly in honor of the passing of James Garner, but also because this 1993 HBO movie fully deserves a Seal of Approval, here it is: a boldly conceptualized, brilliantly realized black comedy about a leveraged buyout corporate takeover of a major tobacco company...
Not that one is necessary, but there’s a timely reason to award this BBC-WGBH miniseries co-production, originally shown on PBS’s American Playhouse in 1982, a TV Worth Watching Seal of Approval. That’s because the central plot of this brilliant seven-part drama is being revisited yet again...
This 1981-87 NBC cop show would have been given a DVD Seal of Approval a long time ago except it’s never been released in its entirety until now...
Chris Thompson, who had written for The Larry Sanders Show, created this other sly send-up of show business, this time a short-lived (13 episodes) 1999-2000 Fox series about a sarcastic Hollywood studio executive named Peter Dragon...
This DVD compilation has a bad title, for two misleading reasons... One is that Jay Tarses’ bold NBC comedy lasted only two seasons, in 1983-84, so it might as well have been called Buffalo Bill: The Complete Series...
The WWII drama Das Boot is a different kind of war epic, at least for American audiences, because it was filmed from the German point of view, originally as a 1981 German TV miniseries. Four years later, It was imported that way by the U.S.’s Bravo cable TV network...
When I started honoring TV’s best DVD releases in 2012 by giving them a TV Worth Watching Seal of Approval, the very first program so chosen was Dennis Potter’s The Singing Detective, a masterpiece of a miniseries, combining drama, comedy and period music in dizzyingly creative and involving ways. Well, here’s another program that fits that same description...
Broadcast news came of age, and reached reliable maturity, in large part because of Edward R. Murrow – first in his prewar and wartime reports for CBS Radio, then for his stubbornly intelligent and mostly meaningful work on the new medium of television...
How in the world did I overlook giving this set a Seal of Approval until now? When Time Life approached Tom and Dick Smothers about releasing best-of-season sets of their classic, influential Sixties variety series, the company wanted to begin sequentially, with Season 1, but Tom insisted upon starting with Season 3. It was his favorite, and he feared that a complete series might never follow – and damned if he wasn’t right, at least for now...
Fifty years after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, it seems like the appropriate time to add, to our all-time TVWW Seal of Approval list,  this NBC miniseries, broadcast 20 years after that fateful event...
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'Shameless’: Original UK Series, Seasons 1&2

Like The Office, Shameless first appeared in the UK before arriving in the US, illustrating yet again that some of our best worst-behaving characters like William H. Macy’s Frank Gallagher come from across the pond. (1970s working class bigot Archie Bunker from All in the Family was based on Alf Garnett of the UK’s Till Death Us Do Part). In this case, the UK Shameless began the story of a deadbeat father of six spending his days drunk and out of work before it arrived on Showtime. Only the British brand of humor can look for the comic in grinding poverty and child neglect – and find it. The original first two seasons are on sale here for $10. –Eric Gould